How To Style

I think it’s safe to say that in today’s chaotic, fast paced, and information-overload world, many of us are looking at ways to escape from the daily noise of our busy lives. To close the door on nagging to-do lists and emails, to reconnect with ourselves, our emotions, our well-being, and our sanity. And while the occasional beach vacation or spa day might suffice (if you’re lucky enough to afford either of them), it seemed to me that lately I needed something more.

I’ve never been particularly drawn to meditation, but I have a few good friends who I know engage in a daily practice. So when I decided it was time to carve out some time and space in my own home to try this thing out, I asked my good friend if she would share her space with me for a day to talk about her meditation rituals, and allow me to style up her beautiful attic loft with details for a calm and minimal meditation space to share with you all today!

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